Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Have you ever heard that the more water you drink the more you need and crave it? I have never believed this...EVER! That is until one time on one of my many tries to lose weight I vowed to drink as much water as I possibly could (without wetting my pants in class because I did not have a break til lunchtime...you other teachers understand I'm sure). I was amazed that I did want to drink even more water...Let me clear this up: I HATE DRINKING WATER...it has no taste to me...it is not fun to drink at all...I have to make myself drink it...ANYWAY...during that time I was craving water...I wanted it...I drank it...I still did not love it...but you could not tell it by the way I was drinking it.

Okay...all that to say, that I have found getting in the Word to be very similar. (Of course without the hate attached). I have found that the more I am in the Word the more I crave His Word...the more I want to know more about His Word...it is like a longing to get more and more and more. I thought it was funny that these two things suddenly linked up in my head.

Right now, I crave time with God daily. If I do not get it for some reason (and it happens more than I like to say) I find myself left with a longing for it...and a need to get it as soon as possible.

I wish I still had that craving for water...I am going to try to start making myself drink it again and hope that craving comes back...lol!

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  1. Great post, Brandi! Yea! I'm your first follower! ;) I'm looking forward to hearing more & more wisdom from you. :)