Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A different kind of Krabby Patty...

Funny Memories...

I know most of us have heard of Sponge Bob's krabby patty's which where actually just hamburgers:

Well, today as I was making my kiddos lunch, I remembered when my now 8 and 10 year old were only 1 and 3! Oh the times : ) My kids liked to watch Sponge Bob! Well, one day I decided that I would make them a grilled cheese, so in order to get them to eat it I called it a Krabby Patty.

As most of you know with little ones, once you name something (whether it is the right name or not) that is the name that sticks. So to this day I still call a grilled cheese a krabby

Of course now they know it's real name, but I guess I just love the to me it will always be a krabby patty!

Here are some pictures of my darlings enjoying our krabby patties from today:


  1. Nothing like a good ol Krabby Pattie!! We still call them that, too!!

  2. I still call them Krabby Patties too!! It's about time you joined the blog world:)