Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dating my husband...

Ok, so for fun I joined a summer Completing Him Challenge that I mentioned earlier in my blogging. Each week there will be a new blog over whatever she challenges us to do. This week I am to post dating pics and our dating story. : )

So here is our story:

I met Jayson at Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) He was there for Journalism and I was there for Journalism and Mathematics. As it turns out they were in the same building. I think it had been a few months before I really started to talk openly with him and we would stay late to work on the paper (so would others), but there was something special about him. He quickly became someone I wanted to hang out with. I was always happy when we happen to be where we could just talk and laugh.

So eventually I looked up his number in our professor's "secret" files that we filled out at the beginning of the year every year. I decided to call him and as they say the rest is history.

So we hung out all summer...I longed to be with him always. I even had a summer job 4 hours away, but we made a point to always see eachother...I think every cent I made was spent on gas and that was when it was about 96 cents per gallon...oopps...I think I just gave away my

We became best friends. I loved all the talks, laughs and days we got to see eachother. I never wanted to be separate from him (all my friends at the time could probably attest to could our families).

So then one day my best friend (Jayson) decides to ask that question I so badly wanted to hear. Will you marry me? Of course he already knew what I would say, but I just love knowing that he wanted me as much as I needed him. is so amazing to me that God's timing is just that...His timing. Even though we were both Christians then, it has only been this past year that we have truly tried to be still and hear what God wants from us.

Can you believe that in 10 years of marraige I am still so in love with my husband and it grows by the day. I thank God for him and our children daily and pray that God will continue to show us what and where His plans for us are.

When I first thought about doing this blog for this challenge at the start of this week, I thought...ok, just another thing I have to get done, but as I sit here writing the details of our life from the beginning, I truly feel all that love again and am so thankful to be where I am now and I am reminded that even before I knew God knew the plans he had for me.


  1. You did a great job Brandi! I love reading dating stories! And I can see how you and Jayson are growing closer to God. It's really neat to see that as well! May God bless you in your marriage each & every day!

  2. Awww, too sweet! You two are sickening!

  3. Hi! Brandi, just found your blog.Enjoyed reading it. I just joined the "Bloggy World" in Feb.I love it! I am definately addicted! Now don't get me wrong (my Brandi)had to set mine up! because I am limited on this knowledge of computers!!I still have to get her over here to change or add!! Gotta love this! But I have found that just to sit down and chat with Friends & share Jesus,is wonderful, and it can be powerful as well! So happy to have you in "Bloggy Land". I am now following your blog! *Blessings*K.Miers

  4. Oh! I forgot, It took me a minute to figure out who you were! Sorry, but we attend church together! Forgive me! just missed it for a moment! LOL:)KM