Friday, February 4, 2011

It's SNOW fun without chili

So what ingredients do you need to make a great weekend?

First, let's start with NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY! What? That's right folks, they canceled school for us on Friday due to low attendance. They believe the flu and weather is to blame, so no school today to disinfect the schools. : ) Let me just say I cannot afford to miss any instruction days, but I am so grateful for the break!

Second, SNOW...'nough said! All week long I have been thinking `if it's going to be this cold it needs to at least snow`! So I am going to be honest, all I really wanted to do was stay in bed and watch it out the was so nice...warm bed, beautiful white snow, sleeping when wanted...however, my kiddos AND HUSBAND had a different plan. Let's play in the snow...Let's play in the snow...Let's play in the snow! So guess what we got it...

At neighbors house on trampoline

Aren't they sweet

Last, but certainly not least...CHILI! My husband made me my favorite dish of his...chili. I have been asking for it since the very first cold day, but it is never cold enough he today I said,"It can't get any colder than this!" So he gave in and I got this...


Oh more thing! DESSERT! A few months ago I had this incredible dessert with a few of my bible study girls. It was so good. I have been meaning to make it ever since. Today was that day. I had a helper the whole time. She wants to do EVERYTHING! She must hold everything, pour everything, stir everything...can you say "control freak"...of course, I have no idea where she gets it! ; )

Oh yea...and tasting!

So now you know! I hope everyone enjoyed the snow and the weather. I know we did. Blessed is the word of the day!