Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A heart divided...the beginning...

So how it all began...

Last summer my pastor decided he would offer a mission trip to Malawi, Africa. Right away my husband and I just knew God was calling us to MOVE. For so long we have just said we wanted to go be "doers of the Word"...but now we had the opportunity. We signed up!

The trip would consist of each person having a translator and going to remote villages and spreading the Gospel. Can you imagine getting to tell people who had never heard the name Jesus that He lives and He loves them and He sent us to tell them there is life beyond these hard times.

Then, a little later, my pastor's wife decided she would sign up to go to Uganda, Africa to visit orphanages and love on orphans and neglected children. Btw, they are adopting from Uganda.

Shameless plug...you can follow their heart for adoption, their already beautiful family stories and help fund their international adoption on their blog (www.thelorickfamily.blogspot.com).I highly recommend purchasing one of their CD's of Jenna singing...

...it will not disappoint. Okay, so Jenna's gonna kill me for that plug, but I just could not help it! Love you Jenna! Cannot wait for Kenzi!

So right away I knew this was the trip God planned for me. There were 9 of us from Malakoff who answered this call.

I really plan on blogging more...so besides the day to day blogs I hope to be putting on here lots of stories and pictures from mine and Jayson's mission trips this summer to Africa. Where we left pieces of our heart!

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