Monday, December 27, 2010

Family, Friends, Fun, and Fellowship

This Christmas season was full. I have so enjoyed the time I have had to be with my family.
Every year it starts with the weekend before Christmas day...all my Mom's side of the family gather together to eat, visit and open gifts together. It is a tradition my Mom's mom started and my Mom and her 3 sisters have continued even without Granny. It is one of the traditions I love most during Christmas. They rotate whose house it will be at and this year it was in Austin.

This is Baby Stella. She was born in July (on my Grandmother's Birthday to be exact...really neat story behind that day). She weighed 1 lb 14 oz. She is truly a miracle baby...and oh so precious. She now weighs 12 lbs. What a big girly!

This is Cameron getting to read the story of Christ's birth before we open gifts. Every year we let a different cousin read. This year my Cam (10 years old) got to read it...Wow! I remember when I was not even big enough to read it and now my baby boy is big enough : ) That is my mom's sister sitting beside him, Aunt Kathie.

My cousin's son Nicholas also read from the bible with Cameron:

I totally enjoy my family during these times. I wish we could so get together more than just once a year, but when we do I cherish the memories we are making.

Then on to Christmas at home. You never know what the year will hold...who is going where, when, how here was the plan this year.

Christmas Eve...Jayson's Mom's house for some more family fun:

There's lots more pictures...but those are some highlights. We went to our church Christmas Eve night to do a candlelight service. I feel so blessed to have a family that honors the true meaning of Christmas. The best gift of all...Jesus!

Now on to Christmas day...we got up early (of course) to open the gifts. The kids had a blast. Then we drove to Tyler to serve food for the salvation army. Then we went to my Mom's house for lunch and gifts.

Can I just say that when you wake up that 45 minutes and back then fill your belly with my Mom's good get a little sleepy. Notice in the sleeping Jayson picture is White Christmas on the t.v...I love that movie.

This was a year with a couple of was the first year we did the candlelight service at was the first year we served food at the salvation army...I know it will not be the last year for these things.

I am so thankful and blessed this holiday season. I am looking forward to this next year. I know that God has some mighty things planned for us and I am eager to listen and obey!

I hope you all feel the warmth of His love!


  1. Hi! Brandi, I just love Family "Stuff" and you all certainly showed it with these pics! I loved all the "Kissin" cheek love that was shown! and that Baby was precious with its little "chubby" cheeks! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed New Year! To God Be the Glory For The Great Things He Has Done!

  2. Wow, your Christmas break was packed with family fun!! Love the pics Brandi!!