Saturday, July 10, 2010

I can't believe she's already 8...

Okay, so June 30th was Kennedy's 8th birthday...WOW! I am speechless at how time has flown by. I know it's already July 10th and I am just now getting to post about how great her "family" party went...but here it is:

Her cake was a pink and brown cowgirl cake made with love by Grammi

MMMMMmmmmm....that was good! Trust me...there's no proof, but they were the best cupcakes EVER!

We had our family come over for hot dogs, cake, ice cream and gifts...FUN!

Here is Cameron and Kiki's cousin, Hayden:

Then there's her brother, Cameron...stay tuned for his birthday fun coming up later this month:

Of course the BIRTHDAY GIRL:

Other adult family members...


the proud parents of our baby girl:

One of the things that make her so unique are how giant her heart is. We often wonder how such a big heart is contained inside such a small body...but those people that really know her know she's such a sweet and compassionate little girl.

She will give anything of hers up to help others if she is asked and sometimes she's the one who asks if she can...she is amazing and we love her soo much.

Happy Birthday Kennedy...Mom and Dad Love you sooooo much!


  1. Happy Birthday Kennedy:)! That cake and cupcakes were so cute!! Good job Grammi! I just love when families celebrate birthdays for everyone! Enjoyed the pic:)!

  2. Happy birthday Kennedy!! Your party was so much fun!!

  3. I love you sweet Kennedy! I hope your Birthday was the best!